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id. Eaten tog▓ether, the calcium from milk and the ox▓alic acid of chocolate can combine and form insoluble calciu▓m oxalate, which is not only indigestible but also can cause diarrhea. Milk and pomelo The protein in milk can react with the fruit acids in pomelos and mak

Our Love Story er a long tim▓e, it can lead to

a lack of calcium causing spasms,

e one's stom▓ach feel bloated. The acid can also over-stimulate the stomach and cause diarrhea. Lactic acid drink and ham Many people like having a sandwich with yogurt. However, ham and bacon in sandwiches, when taken with yogurt, could cause cancer. To extend the preservation of meat products, producers add nitrate to prevent decay and botu▓linus. But when nitrate meets organic acid,▓ it can turn into nitrosamine, a carcinogen. Soy ▓milk and egg Soy milk

contains nutrition inclu▓ding vegetable proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. If drunk by itself, it is very nourishing. However, if taken together with▓ eggs, it can reduce the activity of protease, w▓hich helps the body assimilate protein. Eggs are, of course, very rich in protein. Various countries coping with the food crisisDuring the food summit, people in the world's most populated ▓Arab country Egypt are complaining about high food prices. And Latin American countries are taking various measures to cope with rising price

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s. Egypt is dependent on imported food and has been wracked by social unrest as many people struggle with stagnant wages and high inflation.Mohamed Farouk, Cairo resident, said, ▓"Before, with ten Egyptian pounds, ab▓out 1

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res. MilThe Beginning Is Always Fun and Games

k and choc▓olat

.87 US dollars you could get a bottle of oil and one kilo of sugar but now it does not even buy one bottle of oil."Egyptian officials also warn about the consequences of the country's increasing population. They say the coun

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it or not, milk and

try should use new methods of agriculture, re-cultivate more la▓nd to increase crop production.People in Peru ar▓e encouraged to eat more potatoes, since it's cheape▓r than wheat and corn. And the government will carry out a


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programme, which will provide financial aid to potato farmers to help ▓them to deal with the rising price ▓of fertilizers and low potato prices.The Mexican go▓vernment plans to give small cash subsi▓dies to 26 million poor Mex

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But The Best Part Of Our Lifes Is Just Starting...

hocolate contains oxal

icans to compensa▓te for rising food prices.Brazil is one of t▓he world's largest exporter of bio-fuels. Many countries blame Brazil's sugar-cane based ethanol p▓rogram for rising food prices. Brazil's government▓ has defended

ic acid. E
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The Bride's Side aten together,▓ the calcium fro

m milk and the oxalic acid of chocolate can 

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combine and form insolub

the program saying ethanol production only uses about 5 percent of the country's total cultivated are▓a. And the country's economists say blame should be pl

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le calcium oxalate, which

aced on high oil prices. NEW YORK - American children aren't the only couch potatoes with nearly on▓e third of children globally spending three hours a

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i▓s not only indigestible but

day ▓or more watching TV or on computers, according to study ▓of over 70,000 teens in 34 nations. F▓rom Argentina to Zambia, Regina Guthold of the World Health Organization in Geneva and her colleagues found most children aren't getting enough exercise and it made no difference if they lived in a r▓ich or a poor country.

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also can cause diarrhea. Mi

"With regards to physical activity levels, we did not find much of a difference between poor and rich countries," Guth▓old told Reuters Health. "Growing up in a poor country does not necessarily mean that kids get mor▓e physical activity." The study, published in The Journal ▓of Pediatrics, looking at 72,845 schoolchildren

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lk and pomelo The protein in

aged 13 to 15 from North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The children were surveyed between 2003 and 20▓07. The researchers defined adequate physical activity as at least an hour of exercise outside of gym class at least five days a week. Children who spent three or more hours a day watching TV, pl

The Groom's Side milk can react with the fruit

acids in pomelos and make one's stomach fee

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l bloated. The acid can

aying computer games, or chatting with f▓riends -- aside from time in school or time spent doing homework -- were classified as s▓edentary. The researchers fo

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groom's dad
also ov▓er-stimulat

und only one qu▓arter of the boys and 15 percent of the girls were getting enough exercise by these definitions▓. A quarter of boys and nearly 30 percent of g

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e the stomach and cause

irls were sedentary and didn't get enough exercise with girls less active than boys in ever▓y country aside from Zambia. Uruguay had the highest percentage of active boys, at 42 percent, ▓while Zambia had the lowest, at 8 percent.▓ Girls from India were the most active, with 37 percent meeting exercise recommendations, wh

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diarrhea. Lactic aci

ile gi▓rls from Egypt were the least active, with just 4 percent getting adequate ex▓ercise. Children in Myanmar were the least sedentary, with 13 percent of boys and 8 percent of girls classified as sedentary. The most sedentary nations were St. Lucia and the Cayman Islands, with 58 percent of boys and 64 percent of gir

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d drink and ham Many p

ls spending at least three hours a day in sedentary act▓ivities. While the study didn't look at the reasons behind the lack of physical acti▓vity in various nations, Guthold speculated that urbanization could be a factor as we▓ll as access to cars and TVs. She said schools can▓ help children become more active by having ph

Wedding Location eople like hav▓ing

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ysical education classes and educating students about the importance of ▓exercise. Adding lanes for bicycles, pedestrian crossings and other changes to promote walking▓ and biking to and from school could help too, she added▓. "Even with the limitations that q▓uestionnaire data (suffer) from, I guess it's pretty safe to say that we have a huge▓ problem with physical inactivity among schoolchildren aro▓und the globe and that we sho

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rtation in carless ▓formerly rebel-held area near DamascusBicycles become ma▓in transportation in carless formerly rebel-held area

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vation of meat p

4 BJTIn the formerly r▓ebel-held district of Douma east of Dama▓scus, cars have been deserted with no fuel▓ during the

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war, which pushed peop

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Blog Model 1 ut when nitrate meets orga

nic acid, ▓it can turn into nitrosamine, a carcinogen▓.

n Ghouta countryside was retaken by the army after the rebels' evacuation last month, and the streets in the central part of Douma are now bustling wi▓th people riding bicycles.Few cars were se▓en, mostly those of the army or the trucks bringing in food ▓to the people in that area, which was the most important bastion of the Islam Army rebels in Eastern Ghouta.Burnt and destroyed cars were also left on the sidewalks in some of

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the streets there, reflecting the damage that has befallen large areas there as a result of the war that has dragged on for six years in Eastern Ghouta.Old and young men, as well as children, were▓ riding bicycles and the people there seemed to h▓ave overcome the problem of no regular transportation.Bilal

ncluding veg
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Jan 2, 2013 | Category One

Delawa was riding his bicycle with his friend▓ sitting behind him. He said those bicycle▓s have been important for the people there with the high price

etable prote
High Standards
ins, fats, 
Of Maids and Men
Jan 1, 2013 | Category Four

of the fuel during the rebels' time."Most people hav▓e opted to ride bicycles and it has become

Effective Teamwork
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es, vitamins
Optimized Planning
Dec 23, 2012 | Category Two

the main transportation here in Douma because the fuel was expensive but of course, we favor cars or motorcycles or buses," he said.Another biker Omar ▓al-Ruz said even though the bikes were an accept▓able alternative during the war, but the▓y were not enough esp

and mineral
Things Our Parents Say
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ecially for workers who move heavy stuff from one place to ano▓ther."The bicycle wasn't enough of a transportation to mee▓t our demands ... for example, I can't transport goods of 100 kg on this bicycle, maybe 5▓0 kg max," he said.For his part, Bashar Ajweh, anot

s. If drunk
▓by itself,
Big City Business
Optimized Planning
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her resident of Douma, said that several places for fixing bicycles were opened in Douma during the war, adding that maintenance workers used t▓o charge very high fees for fixing the bicycle▓s, whose prices have jumped 10 folds during the war.He said that he used

it is very
Blog Model 2 nourishing. However, if ta

ken together with eggs, it can reduce the activity of 

to buy fuel in plastic cans for his motorc▓ycle but when it got so expensive, he parked it and sta▓rted using both the electric bicycle and the regular one."Bicycles have not only become the main tran▓sportation for regular people but also ▓for workers

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protease, which helps the body assim

who move stuff from one place to another but ▓of course lite stuff only," the man said.For the people in Douma, the transportation at this ▓moment is important but the more important thing is food, which has started entering Douma at pric▓es supported by the government, contrary to the rebe▓l times when the militants used to stockpile food▓ in their warehouses while giving so

little to ▓the people at high prices.During a

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il▓ate protein. Eggs are, of course

visit for Xinh▓ua and other media outlets to Douma on Sunday, people were▓ lined up to receive free bread bundles provided by the government.Also trucks of foods, like p▓otato, tomato and cucumber, were seen selling food items for the civilians at low prices.People were seen carrying heavy bags of potato while expressing relief t▓hat they could finally buy food at low prices,

a▓s everything was extremely expensive during

blog photo 3

, very rich in protein. BEIJING, F

the rebels' control in Douma also due to the siege that was imposed on that area and other rebel-held areas in Eastern Ghouta.Since fully capturing it from the rebels early April, the government mad▓e several moves to alleviate the suffering of the peo▓ple who have been largely affected by the war th▓ere.A mobile oven has been sent to Douma w▓ith a daily production capacity

of five tons of bread to meet the demands of

blog photo 4

eb. 24 -- For people whose▓ eyes ar

the people there.On Saturday, a government-backed shopping festival kicked off in Douma with the participation of more than 40 companies.The aim of t▓he shopping festival is to offer a variety of foodstuff and other products for the ▓people there at low prices, as part of the efforts to revive Douma and other recently-taken areas in Eastern Gho▓uta.Please scan the QR Code

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Gallery Model 1 e bigger than their stomachs, a big meal w

ith l▓ots of different tastes usually satisfies. Bu

de to follow us on WechatBe fresh in spring: From inside out with mintBe fresh in s▓pring: From inside out with mintBe ▓fresh in spring: From inside out with mint03-09-2018 15:01▓ BJTSpeaking of spring, the first image that pops up in ▓your mind may be green plants.As eve▓ry living thing is entering a new cycle of life from this season, we also need to prepare well for the res▓t of the 300 days.To have a fitter body and a healthie

Gallery Model 2 e able to assimilate the nutrients in th

e food. Sometimes there are risks of more ser▓ious

r look to meet challenges, some herbs cou▓ld bring delightful surprises.Let's say, peppermint▓, a magical plant that has been used for such a long time in human history.Its icy freshness▓ has graced our desserts, meat, soup, tea and toothpaste.And a hue from the herb, mint green is one of the trendy colors for this year.Here are some fresh mint-inspired things that you▓ can enjoy.Mint teaMint tea can soothe both d▓igestive and ne

Registry side effects. Crabs and persimmons are a well-know

rve system. The fresh leaves can go with rose petals, ice cubes and mineral water to make a fresh cold drink to accompany salad.Yo▓u can also dry the herb and make hot green tea with it. Honey can be added to enhance the taste.The water temperatu▓re should not be too high; otherwise the color of the plant would be spoiled.Mint d▓essertMint ice cream brings the icy scen▓t of the herb to a new level. It is often not as sweet as ot

n example. When the two are eaten to

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gether, they cause

her flavors, which is a better choi▓c

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a. Li Hongyan, a sen

e for people who are not very fond o

ior▓ nu
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tritionist from Shan

f desserts.There are also mint flavore

ghai Ton

gmai Food Co Ltd, sug▓g

d macaron and chocolate to give you a combination of freshness and ▓sweetness.Mint and peas soupThe soup based on mint and peas can provide a lot of nutrition. First, stirfry potato

ests that when m ixing di
fferent foods,  people
have to look out for tho
se that might re sult in
Guest Book ba▓d reactions. She offers some tips for Shanghai D

aily r▓eaders. Category 1: Soybean

guest 1
Michael Fieldsand milk products Bean▓ cur

cubes and gar▓lic with butter. When the potato becomes soft, add peas, mint, sea salt and black pepper, a▓nd stew f

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Michael Fieldsd and spinach When bean curd

or about 20 minutes. You can add

guest 3
Michael Fields and spinach are eaten at t?/span>

some chopped mi▓nt leaves and ground black pep

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Michael Fields坔e same time, they affect a

per in the soup to enhance the flavor.Mint g

guest 5
Michael Fieldsbsorption of c▓alcium and m

reen wardrobeThe mint green and

guest 6
Michael Fieldsay lead to blockages in the

white strip dress wore by Princess Diana on April 16, 1993, is still▓ a statement-making look.From runway to high street, the hue, along with other ice creams colors, are this spring and summer's highlights.As the color would m

abdomen. Spinac▓h con

ake the wearer paler, one way is to pa▓ir it with other bright shades. It also looks well with metal hues, such as silver and metal green.Please sca▓n the QR Code to follow us on

Events Calendar & RSVP tains oxalic acid, which can react with the calcium

▓in bean curd in the intestines and form insoluble prec

InstagramPl▓ease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatXi's war on povertyChina Headlines: Xi's war on ▓povertyXi's war on poverty02-25-2017 10:19 BJTBEIJ▓ING, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- As the president of the most populous nation on the planet, poverty▓ has never been an issue Xi Jinping could take l▓ightly.In his four years leading China, Xi, 63, has visited more than 30 impoverished villages and townships, sharing his rich experie

ipitates of calcium oxalate. The foods taken together

affect the

absorption of c
alc▓ium. Bean c
urd and green onio

n The combin

ation of bean ▓cu
rd and green onions ma

y affect the


of calcium. Bean curd co

nce in pover▓ty-eradication work and putting himself on the front lines of the war on poverty.Looking back, it has been clear that Xi's d▓eep understanding of and focus on the poor has developed throughout his political career, as he rose from being a young man working at a remote vill▓age in the northwestern province of Shaanxi, to China's top job.He has often spoken of his first-han▓d experience living in poverty, and shared his ideas and insights on how to deal with it.

Events Attending ntains plenty of nutrition like pr
al of oxalic acid. When calcium me
ets oxali▓c acid, the calcium oxalate they fo